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Non-Running Vehicle

Non-Operational Vehicle Transport

Inoperable Vehicle Transport Services

One of the greatest ironies is that you never want to move a vehicle more than when it won’t run. A car, truck or any other type of vehicle that doesn’t run anymore is simply taking up space in your garage or on your driveway until you get it repaired or removed, and chances are its looks aren’t helping matters any. You’d probably like nothing more than to have that old hunk of junk removed from your life and your property forever — or until you get it operational. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done if it doesn’t run.

If you have a nonfunctional vehicle taking up space on your property and you don’t know what to do, Stateway Auto can help. We offer inoperable vehicle transport services that will move that old heap or get it out of your life for good. If you’re in the market for affordable salvage car transport services, Stateway Auto is the place to turn.

“I purchased a car that needs repair so it wasn't drivable and then I needed to transfer it from Iowa to Dallas. I shopped for transport and found out that most are brokers so I booked with Stateway. I had a good experience.”

—  Javier, Iowa

Stateway Auto Removes Non-Operational Vehicles

Arranging for non-running vehicle transport service through Stateway Auto couldn’t be easier or more convenient for you. As soon as you connect with our knowledgeable and professional service team, they’ll work with you to locate and arrange for service from one of the reputable, capable car carriers in our extensive national network. We’ll help you find the service you need at the price you can afford and with the pickup times that are best for your schedule. No matter what condition your disabled vehicle is in, Stateway Auto can help you arrange for the service you need to get it to a repair shop or to its final resting place.

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Preparing Your Car for Transport

Before you say goodbye to your inoperable vehicle, there are a few things you should do to help get it ready for transport and keep your transport costs down:

  1. Clean everything out of the vehicle, because you may be surprised at what you find inside. You don’t want to get rid of anything you want or need along with your old vehicle.
  2. Empty the gas tank. Not only will the fuel just go to waste in an operable vehicle but reducing the weight of the vehicle makes the transport more affordable.
  3. Remove any accessories you can, including spoilers and trim. Anything that reduces the weight of the vehicle makes the transport more affordable.

An inoperable vehicle is worse than a burden — it’s an eyesore and a potential liability, too. Getting it fixed or out of your life forever may be easier said than done, but with Stateway Auto in your corner, your worries will soon be gone. If you have a car, truck or other vehicle that’s not working anymore, contact us to find out what we can do to help you.