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“My daughter was heading to college and we needed to ship a car. I contacted four places and I spoke to a guy on the phone from Stateway Auto Transport. He was great, very informative and was the only one who actually called and talked to me. The other ones sent me a quote quickly via email with no actual personal contact. Stateway's quote was by far the most reasonable and it was a match once I saw their reviews and the price were good.”

—  Ellen

North Carolina

Getting Cars from Point A to Point B

When you have to get your car to a distant destination, obviously the best option is to take it out on the open road yourself and enjoy the ride. However, when you are unable to do that,  contact Stateway Auto. Our auto shipping services are the next best option to driving your car yourself. Thanks to our access to a national network of carriers, we can provide fast auto transport that will have your car or cars at their final destination as quickly as possible

Stateway Auto is the best solution for anyone who needs to transport a vehicle or vehicles, any time, throughout the nation. Whether you:

  • Are relocating to another city or state and need your car transported
  • Just scored your dream car at an auction and can’t wait to get it home
  • Are a buyer who has just purchased a car at an auction and needs to move it
  • Run a dealership that needs to transport inventory to another site
  • Have a car that is no longer running but you need or want to move it
  • Wish to safely move your classic or exotic car with the utmost protection

… we can help! Through the large pool of skilled drivers who work with us, we’re able to connect you with a reliable, experienced transportation provider that gets your vehicles wherever they need to go.

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Types of Vehicles We Ship

Stateway Auto transports more than passenger cars. We can move virtually any vehicle(s) you need relocated, including:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • SUVs
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Fleet loads (door-to-door)
    • Recommended for corporate accounts and dealerships that need multiple vehicles transported at the same time.
    • Volume discounts apply.
  • Oversize/nonstandard vehicles (door-to-door)
    • Auto transport services for unordinary vehicles (more than 16 feet in length) or vehicles that have been altered and require special care. 

Which Option Works Best for You?

At Stateway Auto, we specialize in fast and stress-free vehicle transport of all kinds. Choose from:

  • Economical transport service in open carriers (5 – 10 cars per load)
  • Premium shipping in enclosed carriers for the ultimate protection (2 – 6 cars per load)
  • Express shipping in which we pick up your vehicle in 1 – 3 business days (2 – 10 cars per load)

You can also talk to us to discuss options and know that we’re helping you make the best choice for your situation. When you need to move a car, Stateway Auto is the provider you can trust. Contact us today to request a free quote and/or to schedule vehicle transport.