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Classic Car Transport Services

If you’ve purchased a classic car online, at a car show or at an auction, the feeling is indescribable. You’ve spent months, maybe even years, looking for the exact car of your dreams. Maybe you’re looking to reclaim a little bit of your past. Or, maybe you’re hoping to add to your collection.

No matter how or why you purchase a classic car, nothing can compare to the feeling you get when you finally take ownership of it. It’s a feeling you want to hold onto forever. It’s also why you’ll probably do anything you can to ensure that your classic car is kept safe at all times.

When you need collector car transport services that provide your vintage car with all of the care and respect it needs, look no further than Stateway Auto. Our network of reputable carriers includes classic car haulers that can get your classic car from one point to another in pristine condition.

“Transporting my classic convertible Mustang, I was always made aware of where my car was and what time it was expected to arrive. The evening it arrived I was so excited and couldn't wait to get to drive it. Thank you for keeping me informed, which eased my mind during the process. I will use your service when I need it again”.

—  Kathy

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Auto Transport Services to Car Shows

Many classic car owners love nothing more than to take their cars to shows, where they can show off their pride and joy to the public, answer questions and generally help to educate. It’s also wonderful to meet up with fellow owners, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to discuss their vehicles, pick up tips and obviously socialize.

Transporting vehicles to car shows can sometimes be quite tricky regarding timing and scheduling. As with any part of the logistics industry, shipments can be delayed due to traffic, weather or even engine trouble. Under most circumstances, the delay is not necessarily consequential. However, showing up a day late to a car show is absolutely not an option. To ensure proper arrival, we schedule the auto show transports on small trailers to avoid possible delays from other cars. We can also schedule the car to arrive a day early as an additional precaution.

There is also the frequently requested “dedicated truck” service, in which the truck and trailer are completely reserved for our customers’ car(s) on the required days. If a vehicle must arrive and depart an event at specific times, then this is the ideal option.

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Preparing Your Car for Transport

Once you arrange for your car to be transported by one of the classic car carriers in our network, all you have to do is prepare your classic car for transport:

  1. Clean your vehicle inside and out, removing any loose items from inside.
  2. Disable the alarm system, if you have one.
  3. Empty the gas tank until you have about a quarter of a tank remaining.
  4. Remove any custom accessories, such as spoilers and trim, that can come loose during transport.

Taking these steps before transport will help keep your car safe during transport. Your classic car is more than a vehicle — it’s the result of a significant investment. You’ve put a lot of money, hard work, time and emotion into the purchase of your classic car. We understand you want to do everything you can to protect that precious investment.

Choose Stateway Auto for Classic Car Transport

When you contact Stateway Auto to arrange for your classic car transport, you receive the best and most affordable service from start to finish for you and your car. Our experienced service team will help you by finding a vintage car hauler from our extensive network of reputable carriers at a price you can afford — with pickup and delivery times that fit your schedule.

Our fully insured and bonded carriers will do everything possible to guarantee that your vintage car is kept safe during transport. Plus, each vehicle is fully covered, which means you’ll never have to worry about anything.

If you have a classic car that needs safe, reliable transportation, contact Stateway Auto to learn about our classic car transport services.