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Car Shipping During a Long-Distance Move

Stateway Auto has been helping people move since 1992, and we work directly with all moving companies to accommodate their customers’ needs. We do whatever we can to get your customers’ vehicles to their new homes safely and on time. We can also refer our car shipping customers to the most reliable moving companies to help them get started in the right direction.

When your customers are making a regional or cross-country move, they are likely to ask about moving their vehicles to their new homes. Whether your customer is an individual or a family, a college student, a member of the military or anyone else who is making a big move, we have a range of services to accommodate their vehicle transport needs and budget.

“I moved to New York from Florida last week. When I was looking for auto transport services on the Internet, I came across many of them. But, while doing little more research and going through the reviews, I wasn't happy with any but one. Based on the reviews I read about Stateway Auto, I decided to call and hire them for my moving job. They provide a quality service at fair rates. Their transport service was far better than I had expected, they didn't rush the job and still delivered everything on time with no damages. A great company!!”

—  Michael

Moved from St. Petersburg, Florida

Help Customers Prepare for Shipping

Many of your customers have never shipped a vehicle before, and they will have many questions. We can help make the move easier by offering the following advice:

When you get a quote, make sure you know how long the calculated cost is good for; overall costs can be affected over time by changes in:

  • Truck and driver availability
  • Trucking routes
  • Fuel costs

Different types of shipping have different costs:

  • Standard shipping in open carriers is the cheapest
  • Premium, enclosed-carrier shipping offers the most protection but it comes with a cost
  • Express service is expensive, but the best option for those with tight deadlines

Make sure to select a reputable company like Stateway Auto that is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA); this ensures that the company:

  • Carries sufficient liability insurance
  • Can operate across state lines

Prepare the car for transport by following these steps:

  1. Remove valuables from the vehicle
  2. Make sure there are no loose parts on the exterior
  3. Take off spoilers or large fog lights if shipping via open carrier
  4. Check to be sure that battery and other fluids do not leak

Before handing over your vehicle, note any existing damages such as dents or scratches, and make sure the driver fills out a pre-shipping inspection report; you will compare your car’s condition at its destination with this report

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Advantages of a Car Transport Company

While some of the larger moving companies are able to transport cars, they charge more for this service than a dedicated car transport company does. Moving companies generally lack the ability to consolidate vehicles from several customers that are traveling the same route, thus they are unable to implement cost sharing like Stateway Auto can.

In addition, household moving vans may be too long to maneuver in narrow, tree-lined residential streets; our transporters are designed to provide door-to-door service in most circumstances. Plus, moving companies simply do not have access to our nationwide network of trucks nor do they have the expertise that a company like Stateway Auto possesses.

Why Choose Stateway Auto Transport

We provide affordable and excellent service to everyone needing to ship their vehicle(s). Once we learn the customer’s budget and time restrictions, we work one-on-one to help select the best carrier and service. Rest assured that Stateway Auto is here for our customers every step of the way — from the free quote until the car safely reaches its final destination. We’re licensed, bonded and fully insured, so no one need worry about their car once it’s on its way.

Whether your moving company is relocating an individual or a family across the state or from one coast to the other, let Stateway Auto help your customers coordinate their vehicle move while you take care or their household items. Contact Stateway Auto today to learn how we can help.