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Corporate relocation companies are tasked with moving their clients’ employees from one region to another. Whether the move is within the same geographical region, another state or across the country, chances are that the employees do not have the time or inclination to drive their vehicle(s) to their new homes. This is why you need to work with a reliable car shipping company like Stateway Auto Transport.

Our auto transport services relieve the stress of the individual or family that are moving; the manager in charge of relocating an employee, an entire department or the whole company; and the relocation company coordinating the move(s). With a range of transport services, we help the vehicle transport aspect or the move go off without a hitch while meeting your client’s budget.

“Moving our business from California to Idaho was complicated by the fact that we had three electric vehicles, which are obviously not up for the drive. We looked into auto transport options and Stateway provided an extremely quick quote, was fully insured, and connected us directly with their selected driver. We were able to quickly work out loading/unloading dates and details (three of the four vehicles were non-operational at the time) and received excellent service from their operator. Our cars arrived exactly on time in perfect condition.”

—  David

Relocated a Business

Why Work with a Car Relocation Company

When families relocate long distance, they have a lot to take care of, including organizing the move, enrolling the kids in new schools, packing up household goods and so much more. The last thing they want to worry about is how to get their vehicles to their new home. Many, if not most, families today own multiple cars and perhaps even a motorcycle, ATV and/or golf cart.

Your clients choose not to drive their vehicles for the following reasons:

  • They don’t have the time to drive because they need to begin the new job soon.
  • With one or two adult drivers and several vehicles, there is less opportunity for sharing the driving burden.
  • They don’t wish to put the extra miles on their vehicles, especially if the move is across the country.
  • Shipping a car saves money that would be spent on lodging and meals along the way if relocating individuals were to drive the vehicles themselves.
  • Unless a driver is experienced at long-distance driving, shipping an auto is safer.
  • Transporting vehicles is more convenient and easier than coordinating a long drive.

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The Stateway Auto Difference

Regardless of the time constraint and budget, Stateway Auto has services to meet every need. We offer economical open-carrier services for standard jobs, premium enclosed-carrier service for the greatest degree of vehicle protection, and express transport when time is tight. Regardless of which service you use, we relocate vehicles safely, quickly and affordably. An industry-leading company that has been trusted for decades, Stateway Auto Transport:

  • Has the most experienced, knowledgeable team in the business
  • Makes the car shipping process as simple as possible
  • Has access to a national network of fully insured, licensed and bonded transport carriers
  • Provides reliable, prompt door-to-door service for the utmost convenience
  • Boasts personal customer service with a 99+ percent satisfaction rating

The auto transport process couldn’t be easier when you work with Stateway Auto. After you use our easy-to-navigate website to get a free quote, we’ll reach out to our extensive carrier network to find one that can meet your exact needs. We’ll handle every aspect of coordinating your vehicle transport, from pickup to delivery, and we make it easy to pay for your services, whether you use our standard, premium or express options.

If you’re relocating one employee or hundreds for your corporate clients and you need help arranging for the transportation, contact Stateway Auto today to learn how we can help.