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Illinois to Arizona Auto Transport and Shipping

Shipping a car from Illinois to Arizona has never been easier. Stateway Auto Transport‘s advanced network drivers service Illinois to Arizona on a weekly basis and cover the entire state of Illinois, offering some of the most competitive auto shipping rates in the business when shipping from Illinois to Arizona.

Illinois to Arizona Auto Transport and Shipping Services

Winter or summer, whether you need to ship your car from Illinois to Arizona tomorrow, next week, or next month, Stateway Auto Transport offers affordable door to door and terminal to terminal service to just about every location in Arizona, such as Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville or Fort Lauderdale, from Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet and Naperville several times a week.

Below are some of the Illinois to Arizona auto shipping services we have recently completed.

  • Chicago, IL to Mesa, AZ
  • Rockford, IL to Phoenix, AZ
  • Naperville, IL to Glendale, AZ
  • Aurora, IL to Chandler, AZ
  • Joliet, IL to Tucson, AZ
  • Chicago to Phoenix, AZ

Illinois to Arizona Auto Transport and Shipping Rates

In order to provide you with the best Illinois to Arizona shipping service and the most appropriate Illinois to Arizona shipping rate, submit an Illinois to Arizona quote request, chat with a Stateway Auto Transport representative for an instant Illinois to Arizona auto shipping rate, or call (224) 223 8303 to discuss your transport with an experienced shipping coordinator and receive a free quote for shipping your vehicle from Illinois to Arizona.

Illinois to Arizona auto transport rates depend on the type and size of vehicle (4 wheel drive, roof rack, etc), type of shipping (enclosed or open), pickup/destination location and timeframe, as well as the cost of fuel, and seasonal demand.

Carrier Availability for Illinois to Arizona Auto Transport and Shipping Route

Based on recent service reports, Stateway Auto Transport carrier availability rating for Illinois to Arizona shipping route is 5 stars. When calculating, each state is rated individually and both Illinois and Arizona were given a total availability rating of 5 stars.

Why ship your vehicle from Illinois to Arizona?

Shipping From Illinois

Illinois is the fifth most populous state and twenty-fifth largest state in the United States. It is located in the Midwest Region of the United States, bordering with Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. The state is a major transportation hub with a well-developed interstate highway system. Major cities include Chicago, the third most populous city in the United States, and Springfield, the capital of Illinois.

Shipping To Arizona

Situated in the South-west, Arizona ranks as the sixth largest state in the country and is also part of the Western United States and the Mountain West states. Also known as “the Grand Canyon State”, it is bordered by California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and the Mexican province of Sonora. Phoenix is the capital and largest city of Arizona, and also the most populous of all 50 state capitals. Tucson is Arizona’s largest city closest to the United States-Mexico border, while Mesa is home to Chicago Cubs spring training.

Clients that used our Illinois to Arizona Auto Transport and Shipping Services

The following clients have used our service; Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, and Manheim.