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Tips for using a car shipping service for the first time

February 25, 2016

Getting your car from one destination to the next can be a hectic experience. This is more so if you are doing it for the first time. Fears and uncertainties will be numerous. However, with the right car shipping service, all your fears are well catered for providing with convenience and safety of the car as you pick it up from the agreed destination. Find the right packages at secure auto shipping that will not only ensure your car arrives safely but in time. Before settling for the shipping company, here are things to look out for and compare with other available companies.

#1. Waiting period

It is important to note that in any shipping process, there must be time taken. Time is dependent on location alongside other factors. Unlike other forms of cargo vehicle shipping may take more time to ensure that your vehicle arrives safely, unharmed, and on time.

#2. Type of carrier

There two types of carriers available for vehicle shipping. The covered carrier offers a bit more protection to ship your car. This is where your car is contained in some enclosed space hence free from any external elements such as debris and direct exposure to sun and rain. However, it is important to note that the covered carrier is more expensive, but for certain vehicles, it may well be worth it to you.

The open carrier is the more cost effective option. This involves securing the car in an open space during the voyage. While this is cheaper, the risk of exposure is high as debris and extreme weather conditions can affect the car as it would any other cars on the road.

#3. Scheduled or open transport

Pick-up and delivery for your car is often either scheduled or open. While using the scheduled model, you agree with the company on the dates when the car will be picked and the dates to deliver. As such, you are aware right from the start on the exact dates when you can drive your car. This may be a bit more expensive as it may necessitate the shipping agent to arrange for travel even when there is no other cargo to the same route. It is however often more convenient.

Open transport is the mode desired by many shipping agents. Using this mode of transport requires you give adequate time until a desirable and convenient mode of transport is available to cover your destination. As such, there are no set days on when to wait for your car but the car shipping agent will communicate on the date on when the car can be collected.

#4. Door to door or terminal-to-terminal shipment

The door to door car shipping service entails the company picking the car from your home or from the dealer and ensuring it is delivered to your address other address provided. This is the most convenient method that always ensure that the agent takes full responsibility until you get your car at home.

Terminal to terminal is a less expensive option to ship your car. This entails driving the car to the terminal from where it will be picked by the car shipping service provider. After reaching the destination terminal, the shipping agent will also expect that you pick the car and drive on your own to the required destination.

#5 Licensing and insurance options

Difference shipping companies will require varying insurance options for your car. In some instances, full insurance may be required. This is often applicable as a door-to-door coverage that covers the car from the source to the destination. It is more expensive and may also vary between insurance companies.

How to access the service

Before seeking car shipping services, it is important to establish the list of available agents. This is alongside the costs of using different agents and the range of services available. Once the right agent is chosen, make contact where you provide full information regarding the type of service you require. Using this information the service agent will ascertain if the terms are right to create a contract. Ensuring the right agent is chosen is the key factor to ensure that your car arrives in one piece and within the agreed time.

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