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Shipping a Car in the Wintertime

March 3, 2017

Winter Car Shipping

With falling temperatures come higher rates for shipping your car to select locations. If you plan on shipping a car that has a route through the mountains or shipping a car from cold states like New York and Illinois to warm states like Florida, Arizona, or California, expect higher rates for getting the job done.

Wintertime presents many challenges for drivers; blistering cold temperatures, strong wind gusts, and most of all, slick roads. These issues get amplified when drivers are going through mountainous regions like Colorado, Utah, and parts of Washington. If your car needs to go through some of these areas to be delivered, you must understand that your rate will be higher than the norm. First of all, a lot of drivers refuse to go through these areas this time of year and thus don’t do the route at all until the weather warms up. Then, those that are willing to brave the risk surely don’t want to make the standard rate to get the job done.

For shippers that are trying to escape the cold weather, don’t think you’re the only one. So called “Snow Bird Routes” are paying top dollar to the drivers. Its really just simple law of economics in this case, the higher the demand the higher the price.

Stateway Auto is always looking to ship your car for the best price possible and we also guarantee prompt pick-up and delivery. That is why we take these scenarios into consideration when providing a quote. Thank you for choosing Stateway Auto to get your car shipped!

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