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Enclosed Auto Transport: Be Informed of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Vehicle Shipping

December 23, 2015

Shipping your vehicle by way of enclosed auto shipping both protects your vehicle and gives you piece of mind knowing your cherished possession is safe. By sheltering your vehicle from external elements that can cause damage, you are assured it will arrive to the desired destination in excellent condition. Before you decide to ship your vehicle, consider the advantages and disadvantages of this shipping mode as well as understanding open-air transport.

The enclosed method of vehicle shipping offers the highest degree of privacy and security. If you have concerns about keeping your shipment private, the enclosed trailer makes it virtually impossible to identify the contents during transit. Your vehicle will arrive safe and sound on the desired delivery day in the exact same condition that it left your premises.

The Advantages of Enclosed Auto Shipping

  • The transport truck has a fully enclosed vehicle trailer. The four sides and roof provide a safe environment during transport.
  • Protect your antique, highly prized, and expensive sports cars with added protection and highest level of security.
  • Eliminates unexpected damage that could occur from harsh weather or debris on the roadway.
  • The enclosed trailer is smaller, making your vehicle immobile by clamping in place and will not move when truck is in motion.
  • Added convenience, the auto transport company can arrange a pick-up or drop-off around your schedule.

The Disadvantages of Enclosed Auto Shipping

  • More difficult for driver to make routine inspections during transit because unit is completely enclosed.
  • Less fuel efficient because of enclosed unit, so delivery tends to be a bit more expensive than open-air transport.

The open-air transport option is another option for shipping a vehicle, but it does come with many more drawbacks that benefits compared to enclosed auto shipping. Chances are you have seen these open-air carriers on the highway, they typically are 75 feet long and haul several vehicles strapped down on two levels or rows of vehicles. With the open-air transport there is no sides or top on the transport trailer, exposing the vehicles to the elements during the entire transport.

The Advantages of Open-Air Auto Shipping

  • Several vehicles on the trailer means lower shipping expense.
  • Ability for driver to see the vehicle during transport and spot any potential issues easily.

The Disadvantages of Open-Air Auto Shipping

  • Offers less protection from the elements or from road debris.
  • Vehicle is exposed to the elements during transit.
  • Unlike the enclosed auto shipping, vehicle is not completely motionless during transit.

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